Tubing cutter?

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know how to use one of these K&S tubing cutter. I put a 1/16″ brass tube in the groove and turned the screw, but I don’t see cutting happening!

I got one because I thought I can cut the tubes that I use for pinning more conveniently. Aluminum is easy to cut, but I often don’t like cutting brass because it’s a hassle to saw them off (yes I have low tolerance for work 🙂 ). But sometimes you don’t get to choose because brass is just a better alternative for pinning high stress areas.


  1. I can help.

    What you do is place the tubing on the mark you want where the rotary blade is and snug it up against the tubing. You then rotate the tubing cutter around the tubing which will start to scribe the exterior surface of the tubing. Adjust the cutting blade in another half turn or so and repeat. Eventually, you’ll adjust the blade down deep enough as you spin the cutter assembly, that the tubing will have a nice, even, round cut in it. Don’t ever just tighten the blade further and further without spinning the cutter assembly.

  2. Thanks man! I’ve gotten it to work following your tip. It’s a really strange tool… I haven’t decided whether I like it more than a hack saw. It’s more comfy, but seems to take a bit more time; and that progressive tightening is a bit annoying. But no question about the beautiful cut that it produces 🙂

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