Bleah still mucking around with the layouts. I wanted to get a CSS menu on top of the persistent bar, but it’s quite hard… I’ll just leave things ugly but kinda functioning for the moment.
Also tried out the Gallery2 gallery software, integrated with WordPress. Here’s a sample album:

Don’t understand why Gallery2 uses such a tiny font, I’m going blind…


  1. So how was your Gallery2 integration process? Tough? Easy?
    I had a Gallery(1) section on my old site and was reasonably impressed. What I liked about G2 was its ability to go cross-platform with users registration.

    Looking good so far. I know what you mean about css. Sometimes it’s tricky to find the parts of each template where all the css entries are. Some ports are really hard to stop the duplicate entries also.

    Best of luck as always and don’t ever give up!


  2. The integration is mostly easy, but I’m not liking Gallery2 as well as Coppermine at the moment — the missing comment box feature is a real downer πŸ™ (I think it’s in Gallery1 though… but no reason to downgrade!) But Coppermine also has issues, like I’m not completely fond of their distinction between categories and albums. But there are some cool stuff like a CMS plugin that allows me to put up pages like
    http://www.codyscoop.com/cpg/index.php?cat=5 where I can have some contents integrated into the album, kinda keeping the way my site works.
    The whole user registration thing is a big headache. I have to try the coppermine-wordpress plugin to see if it handles this well. But even so, I still want to migrate everyone in my phpBB over, or even have them share the user base. Hmmmmm….
    Thanks for the support though!

  3. I don’t know if the layout works for other Firefox-users, but it looks really strange on my screen πŸ™ Especially when I’m clicking images, like Android Honey.

  4. Yikes… sorry about that. I guess I’ll need to work on it more or make it less fancy. The menubar also isn’t looking right.

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