Making of Kacchu Musume #4

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Kacchu (armor) musume (girl) # 4 comes from one of Tsukasa Bullet’s first illustrated works, and was skillfully crafted into 3D by French Doll/Cerebus Project’s. While the figure stands out on its own with the great costume, I’m going to make her sexier by have her taking a break and partially unburdening herself from the armor. So nudity alert!

  The original illustration is on the left, and the original kit was modeled after this. On the right is my modified version. The idea is that she’s taking a break from her guarding duty, and in the hot sun she wants to get 15 minutes of better ventilation 🙂 I really like the combination of heavy armor and soft curves…
  The pics here shows the basic concept. She’s removing her chest armor plate, while posing somewhat regally with her sword firmly struck on the ground (only the hilt is shown here). I’ve already done a few week’s worth of work here, casting the breast plate and turning it into her own body parts. I’ve also removed most of the armor I want removed on her left arm and leg. I was using Magic Sculp to resculpt the skin underneath the removed armor. I’ll get to learn sculpting better with this exercise.
  Smoothing out her arm and legs with sanding and putting. The yellow stuff is again Mori Mori polyester putty. At this point her armpit wasn’t sculpted yet. It turns out to be a bit of a challenge. I was also considering alternative poses, with her lowing her breast plate for more blatant exposure, but eventually decided against it, with the helpful suggestions of the forum members 🙂 
  Now after mucho sanding and reshaping her left limbs are close to their final forms. The knee cap’s ripple is too much at this point. The armpit was a bit too low. Her lower arm is also bending downwards unnaturally.
  Trying to see how it looks with flesh tone on. The right arm was also modified, with her shoulder bending inwards and rotated downwards from its original location. Her right wrist has gotten a different angle and the fingers where superheated, bent and puttied to have it hold the armor plate. The angle of the armor plate is such that it can still be linked to the back armor plate via a strap over her shoulder. Happiness! She’s taking shape.I tried to think of ways to not obscure the lower butt, but it seems it’ll be really hard, since the arrow case has to be somewhere around that area. I think revealing the top part of the butt is fine enough, don’t wanna get stuck into thinking about this too long.
  Turns out I planned it out too small, so I had to get a 8×10 frame for it. Also, celluclay which I use as groundwork dries very slowly, so it’s bad to lay it on too thick. This time I used some wood panels as base support and laid a thin layer of celluclay on top. I needed some rocks and such to give variety to the scene as well as providing support to the dicarded armor pieces. I’ll make the rocks with some unused expanding foam pieces, wrapped with celluclay. I also tried to see how I can obtain the original look of the girl’s armor, which looks like dark iron (as opposed to the original buildup’s red leather-ly look). Gunze’s Mr. Metal dark iron was in fact the best of the stuff I tried, but it doesn’t stay on very well. So I decided to go with Mr. Color’s gunmetal as base color, and will drybrush various shades of metal on top. There’s almost no way to glue the skirt in place, so when I attach the piece, in addition to the two “butt-pins” I drilled 3 more pins at various sides of the skirt. Boy was it securely held with that arrangement ^_^;;Here I also used a piece of wire mesh to simulate the rolled down chainmail that she was covering her left leg. To make it look realistic, I wrinkled the mesh as if it were a piece of cloth to create a rolled-down appearence. I also worked a bit to drape the dangling end of the chain mail mesh so that it appears to be weighty.
  Her sideburns seems to be obscuring her left eye a bit, had to trim them. I wanted soem transparency for the chain main, so I first painted the skintone, making sure that every depression is filled with skin color. Then I hold a flat brush flag, and drybrush steel enamel on top. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, because the chain mail has areas where the texture was a bit shallow or soft, making it hard to get a reasonably uniform transparency. But some touch ups afterwards saves the imperfections.
  Time for the auxillary stuff… spent a weekend making her cape and finding the best way to arrange the discarded armor pieces. I’m ashamed to say that it took me several hours to press a thin enough piece of Aves clay into a foldable piece of “cloth”. I wonder if I’ll have better luck with papier mache. The placement of the armor were also quite time consuming. I didn’t want them all lumped around the rock – not only would it hide the rock, but it’d also occlude the various pieces of armor. I want them to be visible individually, but not spread all over the place.
The gunmetal didn’t really work as good as polished Mr. Metal color dark iron, which I ended up applying. It has that very cool metallic luster that is absent in others. I also used it for the blade’s back.

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