Making of Polno Dianno

Making of Porno Dianno

She’s a rather nicely detailed kit and the sculptor (of various Sakura Himes) is pretty good with bodies. However the original pose was somewhat lackluster and hence I injected some of my own ideas into the kit.

This kit was released late 2002 by ToyBrand’s Touura-san. While very sexy, the kit has a rather lackluster pose, especially in the lower body with the mediocre leg placement. She’s also somewhat shy in this kit, quite unlike her manga (Bastard!) persona which is a sexy evil seductress generalissmo who gave Dark Schneider a hard time. This kit is version 2, with version 1 being a 1/8 figure standing with a hand on the pelvis. I think this 1/6 ver. 2 is in genenral a nicer sculpt with better body proportions, but she needs work.
To give her more “girl power” I wanted to give her a Bond-girl type of spread leg pose. First I sawed off the thighs and reattached them at the desired angle. The original stocking belts cannot remain intact; instead of keeping the original sculpted segments on the legs, I decided to completely remove them and remake with epoxy putty later. The thing is once the pose gets twisty, the belt on the right leg will be stretched a lot, while the left thigh is in a bending-forward position and makes the left belt slacky. The reverse is true for the belts on her back. With such changes in dynamics it’d be easier if I add the belts myself.
Filled the huge gaps with Mori Mori and sanded. Since her right butt is now squeezed by her right thigh, I needed to give it more volume. In the process I also needed to lift the garter belt, and elevate the stocking lock at the top of the right stocking. This was quite a lot of work as it turned out. The boots also needed to be reattached at a different angle at the ankles, but that was relatively painless.
To make her sexier I changed her left hand to lift up her “bra straps”. The change of arm pose required quite a lot of test fitting because of that annoying lump of armor on her biceps. The hand was also reattached at the desired angle and fingers heated to create the pose. At this point I was using masking tape for the lifted straps, since I thought they were tough and flexible at the same time. To give her more authoritaire I spread her wings from the semi-folded position of the original to the extended version here, by super-heating them. It’d have been even better had I change their angles to lift upwards, but I’d like to be able to finish her before my life ends ^_^
I have also levelled off the panty straps a lot. On the left is the original and the right is mine. The sculpt’s panty straps didn’t appear pulled taut because they’re sculpted as objects with some thickness, placed on top of the garter belt which also has some thickness itself. Therefore instead of appearing as a smooth curve, the straps dented around the edges of the garter belt; this doesn’t make sense physically because both the garter belt and strap are much thinner in reality. Sanding off the raised panty straps helped alleviate this problem.
I originally had no plan to replace the incorrect bra straps beneath the breasts. They made no sense physically because they were supposed to be taut, not some glued-on stickers that follows the body curve. There were reasons why I preferred not doing it, but in the end aesthetics won.
The first step was of course removing the straps. It wasn’t simply a cutting operation, because the straps created some grooves on the body which required filling. The bottom of the breasts, which was previously molded with the straps, needed some reliefing work.
I didn’t really know what I want to use for the straps for minimum pain and maximum endurance. In the end I used the Aves epoxy clay for the task and they were very nice to work with. They didn’t dry rock hard which is actually what I want – if the straps cannot bend a little, they could easily be broken with small pressure applied. To get these 6 suckers to stay together and blend in nicely with the ends on the bra was a lot harder that it seems. The biggest problem was that the straps are not pulled straight; if they were straight from one end to the other it’d be easy, and I can even use some plastic strips for these straps. However each is twisted along its length in different ways, with the ones on the right more so. Also, visually they appear to be a straight line, in reality each needs to be a little S-shaped to be joined on the right spots. I resculpted the stocking belts in at this stage. I tried to give them more details in line with the garter belt, with a bit of lace on each. As mentioned before, two of the belts now have slacks. It was quite a hassle to have them stay put because they didn’t adhere to the body. The “bra straps” in these pictures were actually too width and reduced Polno’s skin exposure ^_^;; Before I start painting I trimmed them thinner.
I first paint the red part of the suit, leaving the white lining intact. You can do that easily by hand painting the outline of the red, and then crudely mask off the white area and airbrush shades of red for the suit. After the suit I painted the skin.
Instead of painfully painting the garter belt however, I had primed a thick layer of white beneath the skin, and this allows me to sand off the skintone on the garter belt to reveal the white, while the depressed areas still retain the skintone, which is the desired effect. Edges are roughly masked off, so that I don’t accidentaly sand the skin areas.
After sanding. It looks good in most areas, a little touch up would improve on others. The imperfections were due to the fact that the garter belt isn’t really uniformlly reliefed.
The straps are now hand-painted with enamel. When mistakes were made I could wipe them off with mineral spirits easily. Still, I didn’t want to risk it for the hard-to-reach skin areas so I masked them off. The panty is a wider area and I wanted to shade it a little, so I masked its outside around the thighs and airbrushed. Hmmm, looks like someone needs to shave ;P
I managed to resist the temptation to work more on the body before the enamel is dried, which takes about a day. Curing would take more though. Originally I followed the box’s sample buildup and painted the cuffs and shoulder armor white. However after checking the manga it appears that these areas are shiny and metallic, hence I jumped at the chance to apply the superb Alclad chrome silver. This time these areas are better prepared than my Nadia kit, and I can really see my reflection on the chromed pieces, amazing! Instead of going with my original idea of using masking tape to do the pulled straps, I went with the Aves clay instead. It’s quite tough before it completely dries in about 3 hours, but it remains workable and can be pulled and stretched slightly. I’m still not very good with it at this point and couldn’t get a strip that is both thin and narrow, so I opted for thin. May be this is also good in that the strip is not too weak. I can later use a very sharp knife to trim off the excess width. I did the same thing for the straps below her breasts. Anyway I managed to break it off, and in a way that’s good because my original strap wasn’t taut. So I found a piece of hardened Aves that’s straight, and used that instead. It looks better than the first version! This picture is the result.
The panty strap was cast as a resin piece, but it doesn’t appear taut and would be difficult to install, so I made my own. This pic also shows how bendable Aves clay is before it’s completely dried, and yet it’s hard enough so that you cannot break it easily, nor can you squash it any thinner. However here I made the misake of glueing the strap to the front first and try to thread it to the back, which is very difficult without breaking the strap. It was 10 times easier to thread it from the back to the front… amazing that sometimes small things like this makes such a huge difference. I used V-color on it so that the color would not come off even when I’m bending the strap. Since the strap is hard to reach after assembly, it’d be easier to paint it first.
And all this nice results were accidentally damaged when I tried to attach the right hand “guard” on the back of the hand. It was a shame, on the other hand though, may not be a bad thing because it shows how fragile the strap was. I tried using rubber band which was my first idea, and V-color can paint on it. The disadvantage however was that rubber is very difficult to shape or even cut… it simply is too rubbery ^_^;; You see, attaching the straps aren’t just glue and go, but you have to level off the junction between the strap and smoothen the continuation of it molded to the body. Rubber is resistant to any form of shaping, so I couldn’t get it to work. Then I found a piece of vinyl laying around. It’s almost perfect – Vinyl is also hard to sand, but it can be cut pretty well. May be all this strap work on the breast could also have been much easier with vinyl…
Her hair bang covers her eyes too much on the left. I cut off some of it. The left is the original and right is mine. When hair obscures her left eye’s white highlight, it looks like a badly painted eye and damages the appearance of the kit. The earrings that came with the kit are kind of dumb. They’re a ring with an attachment pin, so you don’t get her *wearing* earrings, but rather have them tacked and glued on like the left picture. Instead I got my own rings and drilled it through her ears. I also think she’s one of those gypsy type and hence gave her another pair. I actually wanted to give her a pair of huge earrings like those in the manga. However the hair interferes with them and I could barely fit mine on. It almost seems the sculptor placed the earrings as an afterthought. Since her hair covers much of her face, the eyes would benefit from a lighter color because otherwise the whole face would look very dim. In addition, she’s given a big main eye highlight. I think she’s one of those characters who isn’t complete without a lipstick.
To shade the red I used Red Madder (Mr. Color #68) as basecoat, highlight with Shine Red (#79), and shaded with Clear Red. I gave her hair Navy Blue (#14) as basecoat, pearl blue coat and misted on top with a thin layer of midnight blue (#71). I tend to avoid black if possible because it gives too much constrast to the kit. The straps on her body are painted with dark greys.
I used my Eva 01’s leftover purple. It’s a nice reddish purple and is more in tone with Porno’s red outfit. I then sprayed a thin coat of pearl violet and misted on top with a lighter purple.
This silly decoration on her shoulder isn’t fully gold like the sample, but rather a red end which is supposed to be a bundle of red frills. At the other end you may see the wire that attachs this thing to the shoulder. It’s actually part of the design of the costume; that thing sways around as Porno move her arms.
The finished version. “The devil is in the detail” like they say, and amount of time spent in this kit was a testimony to that. The straps were definitely a pain to make as well as to keep around (i.e. not breaking them ^_^;; ), but it could just be that I didn’t find the right material until the end. But the details really made her stand out, and I wish more figures would have these elaborate designs.