Misato Katsugari (NERV Uniform)


Hiroki Katayama



I thought the pose is really neat and cute, the guy really knows how to make dynamic poses. Unfortunately this is one of the kits which has only one display angle – other angles aren’t ugly but they aren’t interesting either.

I don’t recall seeing this Nerv uniform in the show; usually Misato wears a black one piece with white colllar and this red jacket on top.

Kit Review Seam lines: ?/5 Pinholes: ?/5 Casting: ?/5 Fit: ?/5 Part Break: ?/5 Help

Parts: beret, face, front & back hair, l&r jacket, l&r hands, body, base.

Casting is excellent, and there are no parting lines! There is one running between the left & right jacket pieces, but the hair actually obscure it so is’s invisible.

BuildingMain difficulty in this kit is getting the eyes aligned. For some unknown reasons I had a hard time doing it, probably because I got the sockets’ orientation wrong the first time around. In addition the picture on the box depicted a faint smile which I have a hard time recreating with the sculpted mouth… eventaully I decided it’s ok the way it is.

The Nerv base is really neat, but the printing dissolves in Mr. Thinner which caused some grief 🙂

The legs are part of the body, so sanding the inside of the legs are quite difficult. Incidentally the texture of the Liquitex paints fits the clothing very well – the mars black and payne’s grey has a slight flat sheen for her body suit and boots, and the red and burnt sienna have semi-gloss appearance for the jacket and skirt.