At long last… Cammy

Done with leggy Cammy-chan 😉 This one “only” took 5 months to finish :mrgreen:

2 Replies to “At long last… Cammy”

  1. Awesome as usual! I think the last two Cammy’s I did had no camo pattern either. I’m with you on that one, they really do hide the shapely legs and yes, I got lots of flak for that decision from the “purists” :mrgreen:

  2. Thanks 🙂 I keep thinking the character designer was forced to add the camo because his boss is like “Hey can you make some changes to this Cammy character so that she doesn’t look like she’s wearing a swimsuit or something?!” “But boss she looks better this way!” “Dude swimsuits will get you banned from the arcades, is that what you want!” “Yes boss… 🙁 “

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