Gundam Epyon EW 1/100 Master Grade EW MG

It seems like everyone and their cat are building this Epyon kit. It might not be the most popular suit coming from Gundam Wing, but the Katoki’s MG rendition was pretty awesome, maintaining its sinister look while modernizing the design so that it’s less super-robot-like. The only thing I don’t like are the wings, which seemed too low in the original kit. I like my robots to have some crap surrounding its head visually somehow, like stuff popping up from the back or something. So I inverted the support beam of the backpack so the wings are elevated; IMHO the height was just right. Did some extensive drybrushing on the edges since the body was dark.

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  1. wao, another awesome build from you.
    It looks fantastic.
    I like your decal choice and where it being place especially the “eye” you put on the skirt.
    I actually thinking of building Epyon as well, and might try to paint it in a different color scheme. Maybe will use the “white Epyon” from the new novel of Gundam wing – froszen tear drop as a reference.

    Anyway, good to see you are still building gunpla.

    Your next project … MG Sandrock?

  2. This is one gundam from Gundam Wing that I really love (next to Wing Gundam Zero of course :D).

    I really like how detailed it is without losing its original anti-hero aura. What grade is this?

  3. I never liked the MG epyon, until I saw yours. just wow! putting the wings higher make a HUGE difference in my opinion, now I’m seriously thinking of buying an epyon 🙂 great job

  4. Dude,awesome job! im just building mine tried to invert the support beam with no luck… mind sharing your secret?


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