Macross Zero VF-0S Valkyrie with Ghost




In the latest OVA series Macross Zero, YF-0 is the predecessor to the famous VF-1 in the original Macross. The design always reminds me of a mix between YF-19 (head area) and VF-1, which makes it look a bit awkward. The body isn’t as streamlined as either also, making it looks a bit clunky. The plane is quite big as well, larger than either of its descendents.

This variant of VF-0S is Roy Fokker’s ride. In the “Tori no Hito” (Birdman) battle over the Mayan island with their nemesis SV-51, the two VFs in the battle, Roy’s and protagonist Shin Kudo’s, were equipped to both augment the flight speed as well as armaments. The unmanned spy plane QF-2200A were stacked on the VFs to give it up to 90% increase in after burner boost, and this is with 4 additional GH-28A 8-tube missle pods, two HAIM-95A launcher pods, and the standard extension micro missles on the legs. I always love heavily armed stuff, so even though the VF-0 design isn’t my fav, I still went for this crazy combo.

Kit-wise it’s standard Hasegawa fair, with great details everywhere and good fit. The only thing that kinda bugs me is that both the Ghost and missle pods are all pretty detail-less, making the whole thing look a bit more plain than other Macross kits in the series. Nothing a bit of weathering wouldn’t fix 🙂


  1. Gee Cody, its better than the previous VF-1S you made a while back which was featured in HJ. This is just awesome dude! Puts my work to shame:oops:

  2. hi just wondering if this iteam is still for sale and wondering haw much postage and handeling would be to send it to n.s.w australa

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