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This kit is a breath of fresh air among the sea of buxomy scantily-dressed heroins! The subject is very every-day and the girl is quite simply dressed, and remains very cute. Petit teenage girl is waiting outside of a restaurant for perhaps her boyfriend or girlfriends for a fun afternoon downtown, ooo how sweet. And the whole scene has a european feel to it. After coming back from Italy recently, I can’t help but think that I’ve seen this scene not long ago there…

Though a very unique kit, there are still things to improve, especially the problems are quite glaring.

Here is the original girl. She looks all nice sitting at this angle, but

(1) her huge crescent hair hook on the left side of her face is going to completely block her face when viewed from her left side. In fact she looks pretty weird even when viewed straight in the face.

(2) After working a while on her upper body, it seems a shame to hide her chest, especially when they were so nicely sculpted. So I decided instead to change her hair style so that neither her back or front would be completely obscured, while remaining long haired. I normally like short-haired grils better, but I think long works better in this kit.. can’t explain it very well. Thus the ponytail was born.

(3) Her bag strap doesn’t make sense physically, her dress has this frilled area around her chest, but the strap goes over it as if the frills are solide blocks (which they are in the kit, but not in reality).

(4) The restaurant’s “open” sign was attached to the girl’s hand via a thread in the sample. However the thread was attached to the sign in a really weird way via two pins hammered onto the top of the sign. I think the normal way would be drilling holes and thread thru them.

Kit Review Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes: 2/5 Casting: 3/5 Fit: 2/5 Part Break: 4/5 Help

There aren’t mich very troublesome seam lines in this kit except the ones on the stool, whose removal requires resculpting of the wood grains and grooves. However there are some huge pinholes everywhere, yikes! I also give the fit a low ranking because there are some pretty visible gaps left behind between the junctions of most parts, such as the upper body and the dress, legs and dress, head and upper body, etc. In fact it’s very hard to putty up the gap between the neck and body, which I presume is why you see it in the original build up.
BuildingMini construction feature 🙂

Her hair is eradicated and filled with Ave clay. A new hair line is then defined. I wasn’t sure about how the ponytail will be linked to the main hair piece, and that coil thing was a first try. It was wayyyy too big 🙂
The neck after quite a bit of sanding. At this stage there are still some problems, like that strange indentation around the base of the neck. I also wanted to add more prominent neck bones. But boy, it’d be a shame to have this view hidden by her hair…
The ponytail was again trial-and-error. Initially I went with fine strands and built it up. I should’ve dealt with the junction between her back and her head first, it was difficult to do this after the ponytail was made.
The fine strands really wasn’t in style with the rest of the kit, so I lumped putty on them to give the ponytail more mass.
I cut and shaped her original crescent front hair piece, and with a stray hair strand done with plastic sheets, her front hair is done. This view is very cute IMO, imagine how odd it looks with that gigantic crescent hair piece from the original kit. I think one of the most important view of the figure is the one where she stares at the viewer.
I drilled two depressions in the restaurant sign, then splitted a rubber band and made the ends triangular in shape. Putting the triangles in the depression and viola. The sign itself is fixed to the chair; having stuff dangling freely removes some realism from the kits.My handwriting isn’t good but my decal printer went to the shop…
The handbag strap was made with a vinyl/wire piece so that it will conform to the way I shape it. The dress was kept plain but not monochrome with a translucent flowery pattern, done with painted flowers and heavy overcoat of the base color.

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