Making of Splitting of the Breast

Making of Splitting of the Breast

Copyright (C) Cody Kwok
One of the most memorable scenes in Evangelion occurs in Episode 16, when Shogoki (Eva01) is trapped by the least designed villian in anime history, the stripped ball of death 14th Shito Leilel. At the end before it was “rescued”, Shogoki ripped the ball apart from the inside and jumped to the ground below in a rain of blood. The scene is so raw and powerful!

Later I saw a model of the scene built by a well-known modeler in Hong Kong. I can’t remember the details but I was very impressed, and the idea of building a diorama of the scene was imprinted in my mind. I built my Eva 01 and spent a lot of time choosing a ball with the right size about 2-3 years ago, but I wasn’t up to the task at that time and procastinated. Recently I decided to pick up this project again.

The basic idea of the scene is to have Shogoki ripping up and burst out of the ball in an extended pose, ready to jump out of the ball. The moment wasn’t captured on film, so there are some creativity available here; I want to set it up to express Shogoki’s power.

The following presentation is organized according to body parts; in reality I work on the parts in parallel and back and forth, so the pictures are not chronological.

I start with the Bandai LMHG kit I finished about 2-3 years ago. Used to be my pride and joy, it’s really a shame to rip it apart when it’s all finished. But it’s all for the good of mankind ^O^I quite like the LMHG’s proportions; it looks very pleasant, and the posability is pretty good.

Shogoki sometimes inexplicabily has its magical denture appear out of nowhere. But it does look great, so I’m going for it even though the scene has the regular red teeth.I tried a few methods of making the teeth but didn’t succeed. In the end I took a 1/16″ pipe and stamped the gum made with epoxy putty (Magic Sculp, MS for shot). A little sharpening gave some nicely sized and spaced teeth.

The right shows the result after I painted the teeth and put the jaws together. Then more putty around the throat area to hide the joint, and created an esophagus opening for our beast.

I was thinking of extending the horn to give Shogoki a more fierce look, but wasn’t too thrilled to stack putty on that thin piece.
And then I lost the horn so it was no longer a problem ^_^;; I sculpted a new piece from sprues, and is probably 20-30% longer than the original, and thinner too.
The right is the old horn compared with the new horn on the right; mine is longer and more forward, much like a unicorn 🙂 The base of the horn was puttied with SSP-HG, but later I realized it didn’t look too good when it was too large, and was thus reduced.
Part of the work involved having the head lead forward a lot. Besides making the head more prominent, it also solved a conundrum I had with Shinji’s cockpit door in the head’s way. But to make this setting work, I needed to move the orange collar bone pieces forward in a tiled position so that the neck and the pieces are aligned. To do this, I filled the neck/shoulder area with a thick layer of epoxy putty, and in the picture I’ve covered them up with Mr. Surfacer 500.
I wasn’t too happy with the skinny neck, especially after I’ve lengthed it. So I’m extending the orange bits, after I’ve secured the neck piece and puttied up the slacks.
The central orange piece was too thick above and is later thinned. The picture here shows the final corrected version painted, shaded with clear orange.


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