Making of Splitting of the Breast – Part 2 [Body]

Making of Splitting of the Breast – Part 2 [Body]

While the waist of the LMHG kit is very posable, it doesn’t do very well if you wanna bend it backwards. The left pic shows the maximum you can bend backwards, so I removed a lot of materials in those waist joints and on the right you can see the new angles. Doing this exposes a lot of hollow space inside the plastics, so I had to stuff those space with epoxy putty.

Here I also start to fix the pose by placing epoxy putty on the thigh joint. In this diorama all the joints has to be hidden so that Shogoki looks more like a GK than an action figure.

The chest piece was another sad story. To give Shogoki a more powerful look I wanted a bigger chest for it. In the first picture you see the first modified version of the chest, though increased in thickness, it was still somewhat wimpy. So I bit the bullet and sawed off the grey portion in the chest from the chest piece itself, and build that up too. The “thing” on the right is one of the Hasegawa photoetch microsaws, it’s great for cutting styrene when you don’t wanna lose a lot of materials.
After mucho piling of putty it looks more muscular now. But I still haven’t tacled the “flaps” beside its chest…
Thanks to Masa for scanning a recent issue of Model Graphix’s Eva done in bizarro techno style, I got the idea of making an extended back armor to cover up the exposed black “skin” on the shoulders. The shoulders would also look good buffed up.
Back to the chest. After messing around a lot, I finally decided on the configurations of the flaps as shown in the pictures. It’s basically an extension of the original pieces. I created a little pocket with Mori2 so that the flaps can be taken off before painting.
The flaps are right-angled objects. However after I fitted the chest to Shogoki, I don’t like the rectangular shape of the chest caused by the right angles, and also the sides of the chest are quite bare. So I sanded down the right angle edges of the flaps, and made a ridge on the sides of thechest. I also enlarged the flaps a little. Artistic license at work here 🙂
Not very clear picture of the outcome. But I’m quite happy with how the ridges turned out.
This time I want to give the black “skin” part of Eva a very organic look, so taking ideas from Guyvers’ skin texture, I smeared acrylic gel onto the skin part.
Then I run a needle brush across the surface to create the wrinkles. Originally I tried using larger brushes to do this quickly, but the wrinkles thus created were too fine, and I always got the gel onto unwanted areas. The gel dries pretty quickly and sticks too, isn’t easy to remove so it was a problem. The needle brush gave more control. Other skin parts of the body were given the same treatment, the right pic shows the wrinkles for the knee.
The gel dries clear, and you can see the second segment’s white streaks began to disappear into transparency. The gel dries glossy, so some flat coating is needed afterwards.

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