Making of Splitting of the Breast – Part 3 [Limbs]

Making of Splitting of the Breast – Part 3 [Limbs]

The hands plays an important part in showing the tension in the scene. The original flat hand looks too relaxed, but with bending alone I couldn’t get the pose I wanted. So here I made a deep cut to the palm so that the fingers can be bend backwards a lot. Superglue is used to fix the pose.
Then I made slight cuts inside finger joints and made a tense palm. It kind of looks like PG Eva’s palm. I also removed the seams on the rubber coat with a heated knife.
The palm is flat and the rubber part is elliptical, so when the palm is not lined up with the ellipse, the hands look pretty awkward like the picture above. To fix that I extended the hand as well as adding materials to the back of the hand so that the transition between the rubber and the hand looks more natural.
One ugly part of the LMHG kit is the knee. On the left is the original, ewww!On the right I removed the excess portions in the join and parts of the shin back, and smoothed out the result with epoxy putty.
The shoulders were one of the more difficult pieces to affix. The LMHG kit does not let you extend the arms sideways, so I improvised it by pinning the arm to the shoulder and patch the huge gap with epoxy putty.
Then I patched up the holes on the body-shoulder joint and cut away the corresponding pin underneath the shoulder joint. Then the arms are repinned to the body in the position shown.
The shoulder binders in particular were a lot of work because I wanted them to stay upright and slightly pointing outward sideways. Most importantly, it should not block Eva’s face when the model is viewed sideways. However these constraints cannot be satisfied without modifications.Here I decided it’s impossible to work with the binders in one piece, so I cut them off in two. The front pieces below the Eva were reduced in size, the right one is the original and left processed. The rest of the binders were affixed to the shoulders with epoxy putty.
I had a hard time meeting all the constraints above, then I realized my modified shoulders were too wide and too high. After agonizing over it, I undid the modifications and tried again. This time I removed a lot of materials from the arm piece before I glue and putty it to the shoulder, effectively lowering the arms. Hacked on the shoulder pieces more and I got mostly what I wanted.
The pieces. Doesn’t say much here, but it turns out the width of the binders were increased quite a bit, and made the shoulders of Shogoki even more buff.
In the pictures above the binders were fixed to the shoulder with two thin brass wires. Now that I’m happy with the results, I painted the binders, glued the binders to the shoulders and puttied up the holes. It may seemlike a drag to paint and then ruin the paint job with the putties, but I find this easier because I don’t have to mask a lot of difficult areas.
The outcome of such a mess.
After much hassle posing the legs I got them in position and padded all the space with MS, and followed up with Mr. Surfacer 500.One thing I noticed about the Kaiyodo action figures is that they have very muscular looking leg, mostly thanks to the bulge in front of its thighs. In the LMHG kit, the bulge wasn’t there, and it was only outlined with panel lines. So I made the build with more MS.
I extended the pelvic area by 50% to make the legs look longer and more muscular, but it’s a bit unsightly. So here I extended the leg armor with Mori2.
I forgot to take pictures of the operations I did on the soles. Basically the soles are bent to give a dynamic appearance. The right foot steps on some Angel meat ready to hop, and the left pushes Shogoki from the Angel… something like that. I didn’t prepare for the green “guards” around the ankles though. They won’t fit the new soles of course, so the right one was trimmed a bit, and the left one has to be extended a bit upwards so that it’ll cover the left ankle.
Lower body mostly finished.

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