Packing the Angel

1. She’s wrapped by 3 pieces of foam, labeled by the order at which they should be taken off. They’re streapped by strapping tapes, so cut them off.

2. Removing (1) gives you (2) 🙂 Pull the foam off by finding their edges at the bottom.

3. (2) is a bit wedged in, so you may need a tiny bit of force. Here (2) is pulled off, revealing (3).

4. Removing the final piece (3) reveals angel in a wrap. Generally pull the wrap off, just need to be care about the right wing that sticks up. I tried my best to protect its position, but in case you don’t like how it arrived, you can actually bend it gentally because the wing has a wire frame underneath, and can take different shapes. The feathers are pretty well-attached to the frame so they won’t fall off easily.

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