Otoko no Tatakai (男の戦い) – Eva 01 vs. Zeruel

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The second of my grail kits, this one is a scene in Episode 19 of Evangelion (titled “Man’s fight”, i.e. otoko no tatakai in japanese), where a sulking Shinji got inspired by Kaji: “Shinji, the only thing I can do is stand here and water. But you, you have something that you can do. That only you can do. Nobody is forcing you. Think for yourself, and make the decision by yourself. Think about what you ought to do now. You know, so you don’t have any regrets.” Then Shinji climbed into Eva 01 and busted into NERV HQ shaft and proceeded to beat the crap out of Zeruel, the 14th Angel.

This kit gained its grail status half by its dynamic sculpt and half by its name 🙂 What hot-blooded young male aged between 19-29 wouldn’t love to build something with this name, haha. The most time-consume aspect of this kit is the planning for the base. The original kit contains Eva 01 and Zeruel, plus a couple of “rock” pieces for the figures to stand. However the kit would look very dull with them; a mini-diorama base would be needed to fill the void between the figures. Also I wanted to re-create the feeling of Eva 01 crashing into the NERV HQ by busting through walls as in the episode. To fill the spaces, I commandeered parts of my my LMHG Eva 01’s launch pad and cut them up for a fallen launch pad, and casted plaster of paris in metal wire forms, then hammered the castings to create stray pieces of “cement”. The shape and size of the base were also brain tears as well, as this diorama is difficult to give a good visual perspective, since only half Zeruel’s body is visible. I wanted to hide the fact that it’s only half a body. In the end, I populated Zeruel with debris and fallen NERV columns to create a bed of crap around it, that made Zeruel looks like it’s pushed back and has fallen into a pile. I also got some flying debris on Eva 01 so that it looks like pieces of the wall are just flying off it. I used a clear disc for the base, but it’s pretty clear that having visible gaps in the debris piles is a bad idea. So I blacked out the bottoms of Zeruel and 01, leaving parts of the base clear and part opaque.


  1. コーディーの戦い Cody’s fight :mrgreen: To finish the grails before the move… lol Kick butt as usual 😎

  2. Outstanding job dear! I find good eva kits to be a little hard to come by when it comes to the eva units themselves. That is one hell of a kit!

  3. Wow! I like Evangelion a lot!The fight scene was really awesome in episode 19. Great photo of the fight scene!

  4. That is Beastly Bra!!!! these are skills that I definately need ta learn How ta Do. visually it mashes ya in th’ face!!!! an th’ title say’s it all!!! Awesome skillset!!!1 😈

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