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There are still more work to be done on my new Gallery2-driven gallery, but I think I should test things out first… say if the host still can’t handle the load, I should really switch before the 30-day trial period. So I’m giving it a one-day test drive 🙂 I don’t have time to put everybody in yet, plus I want to reshoot some kits that I think are worth the trouble. But there are already quite a few new reshot kits (like 3/4 of the Oni Coach girls).
It’s really funny that I work at a place where our resources are constrained the least by computer cpu cycles. So I naturally didn’t think it’d be the problem with my hosting service. But now I read that many of these companies use Pentium 2 servers, which explains a lot…

2 thoughts on “New gallery test

  1. Awesome setup. I’ve never even seen half the things you have in your gallery now. It does royally suck though that host’s servers are using PIIs. Anyway quick question for you: What psi(s) do you typically work with? Any difference between painting a gundam (ie plastic) and resin kit?

  2. Thanks. I typically spray at 5-20 PSI, no real difference between the type of kits. The pressure is relevant to the spraying pattern, lower for detailing and higher for area spraying.

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