Parallel builds: PG astray, Saber and Freddie bishoujo

There are 3 kits that had been sitting in the perennial semi finished state that I plan on finishing this weekend. First off the perfect grade Astray Red.


It gets two shades of red, one clear red on silver, and one brownish red I used on neo zeong. I got motivated to finish this guy since I just got the resin conversion kit for PG Strike freedom and would like to clean out my PG backlog.

Next up is a black Saber from fate/stay night that I used regular color scheme on.


I like the pointy armor much better than her default clumsy looking version. I wish this were her super charged transformation! Her eyes were a bit of a pain to paint though.

Finally it’s the bishoujo Freddie from Friday the 13th.


I changed her left arm’s position and went with a less brown color scheme. There were decals given for her eyes but I mainly used them for “draft” since they were crude. Oh and I also modded her midriffs since I didn’t like the muscular stomach of the original.

The base’s were done with woodland scenic molds that I’ll write about later. Great product and I wouldn’t put my kits on plain acrylic base’s anymore.

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