Pre-hiberation WIP

It’s the “divisible by 3” time of the year, so I’m again getting less time to build stuff. It looks like I can squeeze in quick build yet, however. This Ryofu from Ikkitousen is one of the better renditions of this cutie, and I’m planning to do a wet-shirt version of her. Still need to fix a number of things. It’s actually nice to get some shots before finishing up, makes you see things that you wouldn’t notice with just eyes alone, like the paint splatter around her chest 🙂

Incidentally, I was totally shocked by how cool this Takara Jin-roh (Protect Gear/Panzer Corp/Kerberos Saga/Cerberus Saga…. ahhhhhhhhhhh) is! I’m not an action figure person… always hate how they look toy-like with all the flaws of out-of-scale garments. But I think the faux leather on this figure does it for me – it looks in-scale and has gotten rid of that toy-like appearence. I’m getting one and will do a little repainting, especially on the actual head of the figure inside the mask. Looks like I’m too late to get the previous Takara Jin-roh figure, a female commando Midori, which was issued in Q2 2005.

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  1. the Takara Jin-roh figure looks alot like a hellgast in the ps2 game killzone doesn’t it? anyway…really love your work and hoping to see more of your gundams! keep ut the good work!

  2. What a great posture! I like it, it brings out a good figure. Thanks for sharing this admirable write up!

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