RVF-25 Messiah Valkyrie Luca with booster pack – 1/72 Bandai

I wasn’t initially thrilled with the Messiah design, but it grew on me after a while even without seeing the anime (I still haven’t finished Macross Frontier…). The RVF variant is the reconnaissance type with the additional radome and remote controlled “ghosts” unmanned aircrafts. After 10 years Hasegawa finally made their version, but it was still sold without the ghosts, and this is where Bandai won out.


The kit can transform but honestly I think the battroid form is hideous, the head of the RVF is particularly silly. And these kits don’t survive transformations, so I opted to build a fixed version for each Messiah I bought. DSC_6247

The original kit came without the booster pack but I quite like it with them, so I added it. Hasegawa actually got a kit with the booster pack.

The ghosts came with a lot of decals… might just as well since painting 3 of these guys isn’t fun. Oh wait you could say the same for decaling 🙂 I wish however their support could be more pivotable so that the ghosts can be posed with more variety, rather than all flying at the same altitude. Also here you can see the tail stabilizer that the RVF has; this feature plus the radome are what distinguishes this variant with the others.DSC_6181 The decals included in these kits are really thick and I don’t like working with them. No matter how strong the decal solvent is the film simply couldn’t adhere to irregular surfaces. This becomes an issue for some of the booster packs’ decals. Due to their suckiness I painted a lot of the details especially for the radome, rather than relying on the decals.

Compared with the latest incarnation Macross Delta, I think Macross Frontier has better designs in the aircraft/gerwalk mode, but heir battroid forms are not so great. I’ve also finished an armored VF-25s in battroid that I’ve posted and will finish the Alto version in gerwalk. Now that I’ve built so many of these they aren’t too bad if you decide to build fixed-pose versions of them. Moving them are going to be a challenge.DSC_6182DSC_6197 DSC_6206 DSC_6213 DSC_6214 DSC_6225 DSC_6239 DSC_6243 DSC_6246

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