Scopedog turbo custom: last red shoulder ver. 1:20 premium bandai kit review

I usually don’t do kit reviews, but since no one is going to do an English review for this awesome kit I’ll do one😀

When bandai announced the premium scopedog turbo custom, I was so disappointed that it was just the regular scopedog with new legs, without any weapons! That’s so stupid, but I couldn’t resist getting one. my guess is they’re testing waters with the cheap tooling for the legs before adding the weapons. But for us overseas customers the shipping for separate kits blows.

But I have yet to mention that I bought the resin weapon sets from “rampage” a while back. I got my grail kit burglary dog conversion from them… Oh boy was I ecstatic! But my real goal was to get the Sunsa turbo custom equipment set that they advertised on hobby Japan, which I did at a pretty ridiculous cost of 9000 yen. Turns out the resin set had options for the last red shoulder as well. Anyhow, had I known this new set was coming I probably wouldn’t have gotten it. No matter.

Anyway despite the rant I’m still grateful that bandai would keep cranking these out. The proportion of the 1:20 line of scopedog is one of the best IMHO, so I welcome the new additions.

What a huge box! The shipping really kills since shipping from Japan is often volume rather than weight bound. 

There are lots of spares. Bandai included almost a runner from every scopedog kit in existence, including the berkorff squad, round mover, red shoulder custom, turbo custom… And in addition the new weapon packs, so you now know why it’s so huge.

Here’s the runner for the hand held solid shooters. Unlike the nicer releases, the new weapons are mostly in halves and would require dealing with seam lines. Like all of them…

Even the smoke grenades! Geez. They’re aren’t much details on these but that’s always how the design is.

The instruction booklet is prefaced with the additional weapons you get.

The previously released turbo custom parts.

The solid shooter runner from the round mover set.

So there you have it. For a scopedog fanatic it was totally worth it, but YMMV. 

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