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Have been working on re-photogaphing older kits for the new gallery. In the process I found that the white balance can’t be set to “Auto” on my Canon, which seem to arbitrarily change the temperature of the colors 🙁 Like Shiki , which is one of the hardest kit to take pic of, even though I have better lighting this round I still would need to retake her shots once more to correct this white balancing problem. Yikes.

I’ve been happy with the ones with the correct WB though, such as the last kits here, so it takes away some of the frustrations 🙂

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  1. White balance can be a real pain sometimes. I’ve found there are two usually reliable workarounds…

    First, use a photographic target with pure white, black, red, green, and blue on it. Put the target on the lower right or left corner of the image so it can be easily cropped out of the final image. Use photoshop or some other photo editing package to make adjustments to the image so that the photographic target comes into pure color as represented by the software’s RGB and greyscale refinement techniques. It’s not the best way to do it, but you can make smaller adjustments to images that are pretty close to correct.

    Second, I’ve read on that one relatively continuous problem with digital cameras is there over-sensitivity to white balance due to the camera’s exposure/f-stop settings. The camera sometimes tweaks the image during processing to adjust for an underexposed image due to available light. Using your camera’s manual white balance setting could help, and it’s usually not hard to set. It’s always the last thing I change before shooting.

  2. Thanks. I’ve fixed the WB thing with a “Flash” setting in my last few batches and it seems to come out excellent. Just a bit miffed that I discovered it so late after shooting so many kits.

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