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While waiting for some mail order supplies for the Griffith on Horse kit, I got back to my fabrics experiments. Last week I went to Jo-ann’s and got some pretty nice “Prom dress” fabric that has great patterns and texture.


The problem is that it has these gold rings glued on the dang thing which doesn’t look good with scaled kits, so I neede to remove them. What else to try except the good’ol turpentine! But I really hate the strong odor of turpentine – you work with cup full of the thing and you better evacuate the house for several hours. But as I was Google searching for Turpenoid, a turpentine substitute, I found an amazing fact 😀 Turns out that Odorless mineral spirit that I’ve been using to thin oil paints *is* turpenoid. Yay! So I tossed a piece into a small pool of OMS and the rings just come off, yatta!


I don’t want to use up a pool of OMS however, so I brushed OMS onto the piece of fabric I’m going to use on Four’s bed:

let it soak the fabric a bit and yank off the rings using a sponge. After the OMS treatment the fabric appears to be doing fine except may be a bit less soft than before.

Anyway I’m not sure if anyone remember I was working on this kit a while back. At that time I used a nicely dyed semi-transparent fabric for the bed sheet, but it comes with these wrinkles that I think looked really unsightly. So I yanked it off and am going to go with this new piece. The yanking actually took several hours because I stupidly used the Zap Goo to attach the fabric.

For those of you looking for your Berserk kit fix though, I’d recommend Joa’s l33t
Zodd build up! 😉

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  1. Yeah, I remember that around Christmas time, my Grandmother would always make these fir cone wreaths for sale to the locals in Ballard. She’d use turpentine to clean around the wreath base and clean off the cones and glue. What a stinky mess that was! The wreaths were great, but you could smell the work from outside.

    I was answering “Turpenoid!” in my head before I read that you already came accross that answer. Good show. It really is different.

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