Weekend crunch

I rarely take a whole weekend to work on a kit, but I kinda got obsessed with finishing Four this time. Except for the few hours that I spent watching Blood+ — these dang end-with-cliffhanger shows are so evil 😀

Her bed frame is made with craft wood, I banged it together and applied wood stains on it. This stuff stinks a lot though – I don’t remember it having such a strong odor last time I worked with it.

The hardest task this weekend however was to fit fabric stockings on her. Not much problem on her left leg, but her right leg, which bends a lot, was vile.

But why do fabric stockings in the first place? I thought this kit would be one that looks great with them, especially when her legs are posed in such a way that you can hide the fabric seams very effectively, namely the back of the legs where it’s almost totally invisible. Anyway back to the crazy bended right leg… I tried about 6 different ways to fit the fabric, and eventually concluded that I can’t really get a flawless piece that wraps around the whole leg, so I did a little trimming and let the less visible side of the leg run a small seam.

After fitting both stockings, I placed a length of lace on top of each stockings. Here in the pic I’ve already wrapped the assembly in parafilm for detailing of her upper body.


I wanted the bed to be submerged in a bed of vegtation… flowers are nice but may be there are some less eye-catching alternatives – I thought having very brightly colored flowers will steal a bit away from viewer’s focus on Four. Anyway I spent a couple of hours in flowers departments at Jo-ann’s, and found some foliage petals that looks nice and would fit the general motif of the kit.


So I’m going to work on getting the base set up.

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