Weekend crunch #2

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The kit has an elongated layout, so I had to get a frame that has similar sort of aspect ratio. Again Walmart answered my call πŸ™‚


I debated a bit on whether I wanted to save the trouble of cutting an acrylic sheet to replace the frame’s glass, but I did it eventually. Cutting acrylic without proper equipment is pretty nasty, but I still think it beats trying to drill holes into glass…

Drilled a few holes to secure the bed frame, and masked them before spraying glue to attach the petals. Originally I area-sprayed the acrylic surface to attach the petals, but in the end it made more sense to just spray in regions since the glue dried a bit faster than I expected.

After getting the sheet mostly covered, I attached the bed frame and fitted the acrylic sheet into the picture frame. I’m not quite down with the base yet but will have to wait until I’ve gotten Four/bed assembly onto the bed frame.


So back to working on Four. I had a bit of fun making the stray hair on her, and she looks cooler with those πŸ™‚

Then I worked on getting the prom dress fabric onto the bed resin piece. I decided to not go with the reflective side of the fabric since it looks a bit cheesy. The dyed patterns on the fabric, I think, already looks good enough.Unlike last time, I sprayed glue on the sheet and then attached it to the frame – works much better than the other way around.


Alright, now the final form of the kit is visible, and it’s time to work on the details. In particular, I wanted her arms to rest on the bed properly. It was actually easy to achieve if I just stuff cotton underneath the fabric, rather than trying to fix Four to conform to the bed surface.

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