I’ve finished the 2nd arc of Blood+, and I must say I’m liking the show a lot. The basic plot is pretty standard – evil corp turning people into monsters, girl kick-ass fighter, forgot who she is, lived peacefully with family until it got destroyed, trying to find herself. But the details somehow pull the show away from the deux es machina and complete predictability. Part of its focus is also unusual for anime of this genre, that family is very important, and the powerless family members somehow are still in the show contributing to events, and not just acting as plot devices (i.e. sacrificial victims and reasons for revenge). Looks like it’s picking up steam as well, with the 2nd OP and ED done by Laruku and Nakashima Mika respectively. Would be really interesting to see how this show turns out.

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  1. I have to agree.
    Though I find it pretty much mainstream as in ” it’s entertaining but not crucial for my own anime shelf” it still makes me want to view *that next episode*… ^_^;
    I was a real fan boy of the OAV back when and I’m still longing for the mood that release created.
    The first few minutes (flashback) in the first ep of the TV series were very promising but then I was pretty dissapointed on the approach. It took a good few weeks til I continued watching the eps.
    This being said, I’m really looking forward to the ‘second season’ which I hope will be darker… ‘^-.-^’
    Speaking of dark, if anyone’s missed it; Ergo Proxy …
    Just watch it (©Nike) and the music in it is totally kick ass.

  2. I was unable to make the association until I remembered that names of the heroines in OVA and TV are “Saya”, silly me 😀

    I kinda like its more plain approach to melodrama, and Saya’s whinings are kept to a minimum before she moves on. The emotional scenes are brief but very to the point. Oh and I can’t stop watching the OP MTV for Seasons Call, it’s totally great 😉

    Gotta check out Ergo Proxy…

  3. I like the series as it unfolds, something great to expect from the people who produced GiTS series as well. It’s already up to eps 29 from where I’m watching (am catching up with raws / translations of the eps) and I must say, you’ll be even happier with how things are going in the 3rd arc (from eps 26 onwards). Not to mention the 3rd OP is good. 🙂

  4. For shows like this I like to sit on an arc until it’s done, otherwise the withdrawal is just too painful :mrgreen:

    It really makes me nervous for shows that is great in the middle – I tend to forget the show when the ending is not up to it (cf. Witch Hunter Robin). But for now I’ll enjoy for whatever it is…

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