Jigoku Shoujo

I got a bit burned out from working on Four continuously for the past two weeks (and still have to fix some stuff 🙁 ), so I took a detour and started watching Jigoku Shoujo (or Hell Girl).

Basically the plot revolves around a girl from hell who answer people’s wishes for revenge by claiming the souls of both parties involved, except the caller would defer the “payment” until his/her time’s up, while the anatagonists’ souls would be claimed immediately. For the first 8-9 episodes it was “revenge of the week” stories, and from that point on it’s slightly different with a reporter guy and his daughter got involved in figuring out what’s with the Hell Girl and her gang.

While the idea is pretty neat and the stylish execution is pleasing to the eyes, the stories got very repetive after the 3rd episode or so, people just for one reason or another hate someone, and then have them whacked. With the reporter’s appearance, the show started questioning the whole morale of vengence, but I thought it got there too late; but it looks like something’s going to happen so I guess I’ll keep watching it.

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