Unicorn Gundam with MS Cage – 1:100 Bandai

They have so many different versions of MG Unicorn Gundams and unfortunately I liked it enough to have bought a number of them. This I think is the second version with “HD” in the label after they’ve fixed a few issues with the old ver ka. kit, such as the leg with limited mobility and added more decals, plus this “MS cage” as how the Unicorn Gundam was portrayed in the first episode. The cage has reasonable amount of details and it held the Unicorn is a good enough position. It comes with figures and one day I’m going to paint them and add to this as a diorama. For now I just want to put up this as a finished kit (done almost a couple of years ago). After the shots I realized one of the skirt pieces has fallen off, so I guess we’ll do another shoot after all 🙂


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