Brutish Dog


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“If you must ask, I will tell you,
what I want is an ordinary life;
if I can embrace this dream,
if this heart can be content with reality,
I will be happy.
If you want an example, her name is Fyana,
Fyana is my life, Fyana is my destiny.”
-Votoms Shining Heretic, “The Untouchable”

Brutish Dog is Fyana’s ride in part I & II of Votoms. It’s a buffed up Scopedog with increased dash speed and built-in weaponary, including the 9mm vulcan and iron claw. The pink color is somewhat feministic so it’s not a crowd favorite, but I like its mean-looking right hand and its cool name. They really know how to name these machines!

Pardon the slow download and ad hoc formatting of this page, I simply don’t have time to design it. I’ll put in some thumbnails with bigger images if there’s enough interest. Feel free to download the wallpaper, and feel free to post it anywhere you like as long as the copyright remains intact… spread the word that Votoms is cool!

Kit Review

This “HG” Brutish Dog was released by Wave in 2001. The “HG” part means you get the basic Takara kit, Wave update parts and 2 resin 1/24 Fyanas, one standing and one sitting, and a new decal sheet, all for 1200 yen more. It’s somewhat costly, but I do like the new pilot figure, since the Takara one is horrendous, and you also get the correct feet, which have the extra roller wheels on their back. The re-released Takara kits should be avoided, the one I got said in the instruction sheet, “the mold for these parts were damaged, sorry” and were replaced with ordinary Scopedog feet. WTF?I hate Wave for not including the downform parts in this set, that’s really cheap of them. On the other hand those parts are pretty crappy and are pretty loose, so that’s not a big loss. The resin figures are sculpted by Mr. Hayashi, who’s a pretty famous sculptor for real type figures. They’re nice sculpts, but their casting were bad if not terrible, with very rough surface and bad seam lines, took a lot of time to clean them up. The decal sheet is pretty much the same as the old one, with extra decals for standing Fyana’s eyes. They’re ok, except I found her irises too small.
BuildingIn Modifying and Detailing a Scopedog.

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