Winter modeling

Recently I have found a bit more motivation in working on kits, particularly the larger and more complicated ones. I have to say the cost of models do indicate the time you’re supposed to spend on them! As hard as I tried, I could not easily finish off the PG Unicorn with LED and full armor, and the LED Mirage V3 Inferno Napalm kits. The finishing steps on these kits just take a very long time compared with the regular MG kits, like decaling and even just putting the kit back together.

I’m hoping I’ll garner the motivation to do a photo shoot for the kits I completed during the break: Nataku/Altron EW, Jesta cannon, PG Unicorn and LED Mirage V3. I’ve also gotten a number of other kits prepped, including the PG Astray and 3 1/20 Scopedogs. Now working on a 1/100 Kshatriya resin kit. These guys have been sitting in my garage forever and I can no longer stare at them anymore. Time to finish up!

The LED Mirage was the IMS Volks kit. I felt that if done by Bandai it’d have been half as difficult. They divided up the parts into tiny chunks, and just assembling the kit took a while since you get these tiny little pieces you need to put together especially for the frame. Often it just seemed unnecessary to be so fine grained. I’m also not finding as much value for the details frame as you’d really obscure these details afterwards after the armor goes on. You could in principle remove the armor pieces, but unlike Bandai kits, the armor aren’t snap fit and you really want to glue them on for security. In fact I glued most of the pieces on for that reason, including the flame thrower, backpack and many other pieces, which makes the kit more or less fixed pose.  I really would like to be able to pick up the kit without it falling into a gazillion pieces… Unlike the resin counterpart, the IMS kit’s armor is less transparent. It certainly is translucent as intented, but it wasn’t enough for anyone to see the details underneath the plastic. It’s a bit of a disappointment when the frame was so awesomely made, on the other hand it offered a rendition that is quite unlike other kits, not to mention the very imposing volume of the kit with the side shields attached. Overall it was a satisfying build – now if I can just do the shoot.


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