OMG is it a figure update?!

Taking a breather from my sabbatical (that doesn’t sound right…), I’m finding some time to wrap up some of the kits I’ve been working on FOREVER. First up is this set of 3 Keiko girls – Holiday, Yasumi and Suzumi in swimsuit. Originally I had them organized in a floating cloud sort of set up and have them transformed into angels with wings, but now I wanna try a bubble bath instead. Click to enlarge.

I’ll need to do something about the bubbles so that they look more interesting, perhaps a bottom layer of clear blue. And the girls will be holding colored bubbles as well. I like the white swimsuits but they do need some details, otherwise the kit seems a little boring.

One thing that seems different after all this time, is that I seem to be more careful in handling parts, haha.

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