1:48 Strike Valkyrie (Hasegawa)

On my bench right now is the 1:48 Strike Valkyrie from Hasegawa. I’m also doing the weapons pack and the photo etch set; finishing this kit up will help clean up my garage since the combined box volume was pretty big!

I’m almost done with the plane itself, and the photo etch pieces applied.


This build was rather painful since I was being very careless. The photo etch pieces were really fine and I managed to lose a couple of them, and to my dismay I could not actually find them after a few hours of searching. Also I managed to destroy applied decals by using masking tape on them. If you think a low tack tape like 3M magic would not destroy unsealed decals think again.

In this Valkyrie kit there are two canopies: one that is closer to the original design, which bends inwards and requires the modeler to remove the seams on the clear part; and the less accurate piece with no seams. Because I destroyed the latter with incompetent gloss coating, I ended up using the other piece. The redundancy of this kit saved my ass a few times, as the destroyed decals were replaceable with the spares.

For this kit I’m going with the cool full weapon load diorama depicted on the weapons pack box art.


That means I have to finish all the weapons though, which is quite a chore because all the cylindrical pieces are in halves, which means a lot of seam processing. Fortunately I started using Weld-on 3 mentioned in my previous post, which makes it not so unpleasant. However this stuff is really volatile! I emptied the can into a full Tamiya thin cement bottle, and now 1/3 is gone!


I wasn’t the most diligent in closing the cap but with this crazy evaporation rate I’ll have to do better.

The Strike pack and weapons are almost done now, just needed a bit of sealer on the bombs. I painted one of the leg’s engines for display.


The base are from 4 of Kotobukiya’s chain bases. It’s a shame that they don’t make these anymore, the details are good and they are very versatile for many scifi kits. The only downside is that they’re full of peg holes, which required me to fill them all in.  wp-1456799973136.jpg

I haven’t completely decided on the paint scheme for the base yet. Probably some yellow will be needed…


I still need to figure out how to display the weapons. In the box art I saw a bunch of missile stands, which after searching all over the world for it, ended up finding it from HLJ. I could’ve just made it from styrene though.

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