We went to Maui, Hawaii last week and it was a blast. It was a company trip, with some prior arrangements we got certified for scuba diving. The underwater scenery was fantastic. I also went on to a night dive but I figured there are too many things to worry about for a first-time night dive, so I didn’t bring a camera for that.

There are soooooo many thing to do and see in Maui, highly recommended!

I also went on a survival training trip in Peruvian Amazon before Hawaii, but need a bit longer to sort out the pics, so I’ll post them later. This site is definitely turning into a travel blog 😀

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  1. Very nice! Any work that takes you to Hawaii can’t be all that bad 😎

    Diving, waterfalls, jungles… you’re turning into the Discovery Channel :mrgreen:

  2. Haha yeah… I feel guilty for ignoring the modeling bench for so long, but it’s hard to get anything done when you can’t sit still :mrgreen:

  3. Wow, another model builder that scuba dives! Very cool! My weekends are now split between scuba diving days and model building days. I hope you continue to scuba dive; there is a whole world under water that so few people get to see.

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