Attack of the grail kit part 7

After some weekend fight with this kit I’m feeling a bit unmotivated, so I’ll write some WIP instead 🙂

The first batch of glass didn’t work as well as I expected so I exchanged them for a couple of others. Shipping glass is expensive! Anyway I’ve gotten 2 new pieces back, one “aqua iridescent” and one “light blue iridescent”. It seems unless you go lighter on the stained glass it’s almost going to be opaque. I was kind of excited about the aqua color since it matches my background very well, but still stands out enough. So that was my preferred choice.

Then I went to have the pieces cut. Boy I felt stupid afterwards, it didn’t seem like my glass shop has any more sophisticated equipment that what I can buy myself, and the guy totally couldn’t get what I was trying to have him cut. That lead to pieces that were not perfect, while the labor was more than I expected to pay for 20 minutes of work.

Anyway I got an idea after the Kagura kit to simulate wavy water surfaces with clear resin. It worked so well for Kagura that it’s worth trying here. In the mean time I can also use the clear resin as glue to the glass frame.


Here’s round 1 of this process. I’ve laid the first resin layer down and am waiting for it to cure, and laid the 4 pieces of the glass frame down. The two sides of the glass have different properties, one with bumpy texture but lower iridescence, and the other side reverse. It was a hard choice but I went with the textured side. I had a hard time having the 4 corners of the frame be flush due partly to the imperfect cutting and partly to the non-flat plaque. May be I should install some corners for the frame to hide the imperfections. You can see a bit of the nice water surface on the right side of the plaque, it should look much nicer when I apply the successive resin layers. I’ll also have to work some clear resin underneath the frames in the next runs… since the plaque is not level, the glass pieces don’t touch the plaque completely and thus show some unsightly unevenness underneath.


  1. Even with the small problems, that still looks way better than the stock frame. The water effect looks great. Maybe some gel or clear epoxy to fill in any imperfections or gaps between the glass and plaque?

  2. Thanks… I’m thinking may be I’ll sacrifice a dropper and some capillaries to inject resin underneath the glasses. I’m a bit disappointed with how the glass turned out though, given the time and $ I put in it. Choosing the iridescent side may have made it look more fancy, but I guess the flaws would be more pronounced as well.

  3. Cody beenm waiting for this one to get closer to done, checking daily actually. It looks awesome! yeah you cna see adhesion gaps under the glass, no points reduced for that. It is a brilliant build on a very rare and wonderful kit, I have a friend who will absolutely go nuts when he see’s the pictures alone, Big Kia Asamia fan. Thanks for this work.

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