Buying models from Hong Kong

I write this more for my own benefits since I often don’t remember 🙂

Continental Model & Toys (Yau Ma Tei): An incredible place for armor modelers, it has kits piled up in walls that you can’t get through 🙂 This established shop (and its online presence Sincere Hobby) has amongst my visits the best selection of Chinese manufacturer kits from Bronco, Meng, Tiger, Trumpeter, AFV Club and Kitty Hawk to name a few – it is very well-stocked in those. It has a great selection of figures from Miniart as well, great selection of spare tracks, some planes. It also Tamiya and Academy kits. The prices are good overall, not the cheapest but you aren’t overpaying much. The owner is very nice and knowledgable. You can probably get the Chinese kits cheaper from taobao, but the latter is quite a hassle. 

Waile Model Centre (Wanchai): A place I probably frequent the most because of its ease of access. The shop is about half Gundams and half others, with a good selection of Academy, Tamiya, Masterbox, ICM and  Italeri kits. In particular I was there when they were running promos for Academy, so I got a few at 30% off. Awesome.


DL Model Shop (Hung Hom): This place is just hard to reach. 

Waigo Model & Hobbies

Wing Jet Model & Co.

Richmond Shopping Arcade

Twinner Trading Company (Mongkok)

UML (Mongkok): Once a chain in Hong Kong, now they’re down to a remote retail location. They are well-stocked in Dragon/DML kits and some Tamiya, Italeri, Airfix and small selection of Zvezda. The place is worth visiting for the paints, as they are amongst the best prices I could find in HK. Mr Hobby paints are $10.5HKD each (~$1.5USD), and if you buy $250 or more you get 20-25% off with their stacked discounts. Whoa. The Dragon kits, despite well-stocked, were lacking in the ones I actually wanted! Their Tamiya kit prices were exoberant. 

Ying Ming


YM Studio: This place is a bit hard to find as it somewhere inside an industral building. It has a selection of Gundams but primarily it is a Warhammer 40K shop with space for gaming. In fact the owner was busy gaming while I was shopping there 🙂 It has a lot of 40K and fantasy figures, some resin kits and a small selection of armor and plane models. Tools are fantastic here. You can find a good selection of Vallejo paints, as well well-stocked GSI Creos products and Kotobukiya MSG sets. I had some surprise find including on-sale Meng accessories and Ammo by Mig pigments and paints. Well worth a visit. 

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