Sakura hime done!

After all the paint peeling and agonizing color choices, sakura hime is finally done. I’m happy that she’s finally achieved completion after such a prolonged negligence… But I think after so many years my tools and experience has increased enough to do her justice. Now moving on!

Sherry – Langrisser 2 – 1/6 resin figure

This is one of the earliest garage kit I bought. Back then the casting technique was not that great and the pieces don’t fit as well. The 90’s anime characters have these gigantic eyes that are scary. The kit came from one of Satoshi Urushihara’s game character illustrations. The sculptor did a pretty good job of… Continue reading Sherry – Langrisser 2 – 1/6 resin figure

1/7 Ghostbuster Lucy – Shunya Yamashita version

I can’t remember last I’ve done any figures?! There is a certain appeal about Yamashita’s many renditions of the classic and new heroines. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the Ghostbusters franchise I still like how the various bits are assembled in this piece.

Steam Detectives Ling-ling and Ran-ran 1/8

Another kit that took more than 10 years in the making… haha. Steam Detectives wasn’t a popular manga, but out of the illustrations came the two pro/antagonist assitant nurses in lingerie, yay. I love the original kits because they’re so unique, but I’ve always felt they don’t look good as individual kits, nor do they… Continue reading Steam Detectives Ling-ling and Ran-ran 1/8