Shining Ark – Angel of Light Sakuya Mode: Seraphim 1/6


I adore the Tony line of figures. The art itself was great, but the figures are mostly well-sculpted with nice outfits and soft poses. Costume are of fantasy elements but with added anime cuteness. I’m not going to pretend I know what Shining Ark the game is about or who Sakuya is, except she seem to be like a magic girl that changes into many outfits! The Seraphim mode with these fantastic angel wings and the very artsy pose captured my interest immediately.

Not much to say about the build, I considered replacing the wings with a feathered one but that’d be too much trouble; the original resin wings aren’t bad. I went a little obsessive with the panel lining of the feathers, which in retrospect was rather unnecessary. The strong delineation removes some softness of the figure. But either way I loved this figure to death. Enjoy!



  1. Wow, long time I didn’t visit your website and this fig catched my eyes : so beautiful.

  2. Yep, long time no see. I notice too that you changed your websites but there’s a lot of dead links.Hope you will fix them asap.

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