Belldandy (walking on water)

Introduction Scale 1/8 Sculptor Atomic Honey Dip Maker Heavy Syrup Cherry 🙂 Completed 8/24/01 Parts 17 Retail 8800yen Many Ah! Megamisama kits are very pretty, especially those of Belldandy. However I have a thing against building them – isn’t a big fan of Bell-chan (thought she’s a bit too submissive) and most kits have relatively… Continue reading Belldandy (walking on water)

Kisagari Honey (tennis)

Introduction   Scale 1/5.5 Sculptor Workshop Kobashi Maker Kurushima Completed 1/6/02 Parts 13 Retail 15000yen IMO, this is one of the best rendition of untransformed Honey. Her face is very nicely sculpted, but there’s something about her innocuous expression that makes the fan service cute! Her outfit was modeled after my research (ahem) on Anna… Continue reading Kisagari Honey (tennis)

Blue Mary – King of Fighters – 1/8 – resin figure

If you think this looks like some sort of commercial, it probably is Introduction Scale 1/8 Sculptor Yukishiro Maker Yukishiro Completed 8/10/03 Parts 11 Retail 9000yen What can I say… just a simple WOW. With my love for dynamic poses, I was immediately impressed by her. To be honest, I had been very disappointed by… Continue reading Blue Mary – King of Fighters – 1/8 – resin figure

Freedom 1/100 Bandai Master Grade

Introduction Scale 1/100 Maker Bandai Completed 01/2005 Retail 4200yen Spolier alert! The Freedom became the main hero mech in the second half of Gundam Seed and the first half of Seed Destiny. It was pretty invincible in all, except experienced some difficulty fighting Providence and got whacked by a very smart Shinn in his Impulse.… Continue reading Freedom 1/100 Bandai Master Grade