Kisagari Honey (tennis)



Workshop Kobashi

IMO, this is one of the best rendition of untransformed Honey. Her face is very nicely sculpted, but there’s something about her innocuous expression that makes the fan service cute!
Her outfit was modeled after my research (ahem) on Anna Kounikova’s ^_^;; It’s assumed that she played for hours on the court under bright sunlight so she’s sweating like an angel, giving me an excuse to try the wet effect for sweat. I don’t expect it to be very realistic since real people sweat are less visible, but I hope it’s at least somewhat convincing. How about something like “anime sweat” ūüôā ¬†

Kit Review

Seam lines: 4/5   Pinholes: 5/5   Casting: 5/5   Fit:4/5   Part Break: 5/5   Help

Excellent quality as always from Kurushima, and I don’t recall seeing any pinholes. However her arms didn’t really fit perfectly into the sockets. Another complaint is the way they did the tennis racket wiring. It sucks! The kit comes with these stupid transparent plastic cards with grids on them and you’re supposed to cut an oval out. No thanks, the grids are way too coarse and the rack would look stupid when the card reflects light! I replaced them with aluminum mesh and it’s more realistic, not to mention easier to install.


In some sense this kit is almost a summary of the technique I played with recently, including the sweat/droplet effect, laces on panty, bra wiring etc.

The sweat required more restraints than Rei‘s wet effect, and since I almost always overdo places, I found the best way to remove the droplet you don’t want is to wait for them to dry, and simply chip them away. Also, the skin was done with flat paint but I polished it a little to get some shine out of it to simulate wet skin while not getting the dreaded glossy skin.

The bra wiring/outline were done with lumps of Mr. dissolved putty. I like this new product from Gunze quite a lot, but it takes a while to harden when lumped on. It was hard to achieve a differential highlight for the raised bra wires, so I lightly sanded the violet overcoat to make these white raised part more obvious.

As mentioned I replaced the racket wiring with meshes. I also used color shifting paint (purple/gold) for the racket itself, but as usual they’re hard to capture with my DC.


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  1. Hello, I am a beginner at painting figures and I am having a really hard time getting or creating realistic skin tines, if you can offer any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

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