Comparing Dragon Panzer IV Ausf G 6594 and Border Models Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G BT-001

Now that I have completed the build of the Border Models Panzer IV G, let’s compare them side-by-side. They are really close in execution so I’m going to only point out the differences.

Some quick thoughts on the build: 

  • One of the prevalent themes of this kit is to ease a number of pain points in Dragon PzIVs. Not only is it combining multiple pieces together to reduce the number, but they also tried to make some of the more challenging fits of Dragon kits easier. Also they improved the assembly experience in many small places, such as the “bumper” in the applique armor. Whether you have built Dragon PzIVs before you’ll find this kit easier to assemble overall.
  • I don’t think this kit is more detailed than Dragon’s, but it has finer molding in some areas, such as the lifthooks are very well-done, and the jack-hold brackets are noticably thinner. The grab handles have noticably smaller diameters. As a consequence they are also more tricky to handle. 
  • On many details where they differ from Dragon’s, I am not an expert and I’m just referencing Acthung Panzer, Dragon often had the correct rendering, such as the rear mudguard springs. I pointed out others that I noticed in my build.
  • The turret is perhaps the weakest area, with the side hatches incurring a number of inaccurarcies. 
  • Their molding has more ejector pin marks to deal with, especially the small/tiny ones that are on the exterior surfaces. 
  • The most distinguished features for me is the incredibly engineered hull and the very easy-to-work-with and awesome-looking link-and-length tracks.
  • As other have pointed out the paint schemes are suspect. I’m not sure there are many hard-edged camo schemes during the period, so their masking tape bonus is nice but I’m not sure if they’re accurate. But I often choose different vehicles anyway so this is not a concern for me
The general profiles. On the right is the Dragon and left Border. I left some hatches and stuff off the Dragon in case I wanted to pose them differently, but otherwise it is complete. The Dragon has welded extra armor and Border has bolted. The applique armor is a little different, with the Border model extended more horizontally and curved more inwards. Of course it could be my execution. I’m not sure there is a standard here as reference photo seems to suggest both are ok.
Border use brass plates and Dragon steel for Schurzen. I’m not sure if it’s my issue with fitting fenders, but the Border plates are more loose than Dragon’s.
Close up of the turret side hatches. I’ll spend more time comparing the turret since I think that’s where the kits differ the most. First I got the Dragon’s side hatches backwards, I didn’t glue them down and was just test fitting which led to the mistake. I mentioned in the build that I think the lip-style opening in the Border kit seems inaccurate when compared with Dragon’s recessed version, and Dragon’s hinges have the top “pin” protruding that is absent from Border’s. You can add that detail yourself. Dragon’s side hatches have bottom tabs on each for padlocks, I’m not sure every vehicle has them so I don’t know if their omission is an issue.
I have a nagging suspicion that the turret have different profiles so I put them together. Adjusting for visual illusion, they seem identical.
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