I went to a local Jo Ann’s to buy some fabrics for my Ring-Ring Rang-Rang pair. I ended up spending 2 hours there to pick different fabrics for my kits! I remembered this Four Murasame on bed kit from a while ago – I never could decide what I wanted to do with the bed, but now I know. I found some post-modern patterned fabric rotfl for her. I decided to divide up the bed into the mattress and blanket part, and do the mattress with regular fabric and the blanket with the fancy one. The edge between the two is jagged and ugly, I’ll need to fix that later.

Do you guys remember the yellow tube of glue called UHU? I bought something similar from the Pacer brand (Zap Goo), but it’s so strong – I don’t remember those UHU glue sticking to your fingers and takes like 15 minutes to get off? Anyway that’s what I used to glue the fabric to the kit.


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