IMS #7: Terror Mirage from Volks

I haven’t bought any hobby magazines for years and suddenly gotten the urge after blogging about my Black Knight.  Well what do you know, people don’t put interesting ads in them anymore! I was in particular hoping to learn what Volk’s next Five Star IMS kit is, but could only find that online, that it’s going to be the Terror Mirage. Alas, I still have my prized resin “mechanical moving” kit from way back when. I guess it’s finally time to build it! The IMS kit won’t be here for another half a year at least.

The Terror Mirage with Boomerang may best be handled by the styrene kit… with the boomerangs being lighter. If I could finish my IMS backlog I’ll definitely try to get it.

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  1. Glad to see you back in action Cody! Been a long time fan and also getting back into model-kit building during the winter months!

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