Nuku Nuku jogging




This is the bigzzest kit I’ve built so far, she stands over 50 cm in height. She’s extremely cute; while I’m not a “Bome-fanatic”, I do see the attraction of some of his cute kits, and he does hair very well. Without the flowing hair, this piece would just be another static posing figure.

The kit depicts Nuku Nuku in her gym outfit while playing basketball. I saw some build up with a basketball at her side and it looked very nice. I may add that in the future. My main concern however with the kit is the anatomy. Bome’s bodies are rather stylistically simplistic and I don’t really like that aspect of his sculpt. So for this kit I made a couple of modifications to add some “detail” to the body.

Kit Review

Seam lines: 3/5   Pinholes: 2/5   Casting: 4/5   Fit: 2/5   Part Break: 3/5   Help

The head didn’t quite fit into her body and I did a lot of dremeling to fix that. There’s one mid-calve division in the left leg which wasn’t too bad too putty. Her right “antenna” was in conflict with her right arm, so I had to heat and bend it some to get everything to fit. There are many pinholes on the hair, which takes a lot of time to clean.


I modified by (1) increase the cleavage and (2) add a middrift in the belly. The cleavage was almost non-existent in the original sculpt, which kind of makes sense. But it also makes the figure a bit flat, so I filed in a groove. I’m a bit of a middrift fan so the lack of detail there was a problem to me, so I sculpted in the line. It looks ok, but I could have smoothen it even more to make it look more natural.

This time I painted the upperwear first and then mask and paint the skin.I used clear blue mixed with smoke to create the shadows. The thing I’m actually most of proud of this kit is the wash done to the shoes, I think it gives them a nice weathering and a detailed look. This compensates the lack of overall detail for such a big kit.

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