Last of the Dengeki Hobby magazine

Alas signs of time… Dengeki Hobby is going to publish its last printed copy. I haven’t bought any hobby mags for a while until recently, as I love the feeling of flipping through the pages and looking at the attractive magazine layout. Well to be honest I was also bummed that I somehow missed the Bandai Premium’s 1/20 space Scopedog 🙂 So I needed some alternative source of information on upcoming stuff. Also I like the build ups of the kits that I was excited about (Neo Zeong, Nightengale etc.)

But you’re looking at the inevitable. These magazines are really expensive (> $20 with shipping), and I have to wonder about their circulation. Even when Dengeki came out 17 years ago, I thought to myself, is this hobby huge enough to sustain 2 monthly mags? They’ve done an admirably job, and in general I like Dengeki slightly more over Hobby Japan. But their functions has really diminished hugely over the years with the web, and in terms of build up, there are many modelers out there that had done a much better job on kits than the ones featured in the mags. Not the fault of the mag’s featured modelers since I have to assume they were given a very tight deadline to finish their kits for publication 🙂

I’m going to miss it. The last copy I’ve gotten is last month’s Reconguista special… we’ll have to see how their new “digital format” will play out won’t we?

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