Liquid Leaf Classic Gold

Liquid Leaf Classic Gold

Date Price From Manufacturer
10/29 $4 Art store Plaid

Ever since I argued with a moron who refused to believe gold has a metallic luster, I’ve been on the look out for easy to apply gold that looks great and easy to apply. The traditional silver/clear orange+yellow approach just doesn’t cut it. This thing I picked up randomly from an artstore may just be the answer. The metal particles are very fine, and they are suspended in a liquid tinted yellow, which makes the final color very close to real gold. Gunze’s gold color is definitely paler in color. I’ve applied this to a Nadia figure I’m building with very pleasing results, looking forward to trying it on larger surfaces.

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  1. Hi,

    Could you put up a picture of how your figure turned out when painted using this product?


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