Macross Plus YF19

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has their juicy turkey. Having gotten my Thanks from Alien Bees, I’ve been having a good time taking pics. I’m hoping to finish up a few kits I’ve been working on for a while this long hoilday, and the first one is the YF-19 I’ve been working on for the last 5 months on and off.


  1. Alienbees for the win! :mrgreen: Night and day difference! What did you pick up from them? Some kind of fill light? Great work on the kit (as usual 😉 ) and awesome pics!

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I picked up a second flash light, an umbrella for diffusion and a light stand. Having 2 lights really make adjusting lighting much easier. The umbrella works great, should’ve bought it the first time around instead of spending extra on a soft box.

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