Moving sales!

Since I’m moving I’d like to ship out some finished and unfinished kits so that I don’t have to keep so many 🙂

For the finished kits at:

I’m willing to negotiate discounts of 10-40% if purchasing multiple kits…

I’ll also be selling several lots of unbuilt kit later, stay tuned…


  1. Hi Cody,

    For the unbuilt kits that you’re selling soon, is it first-come, first-served? Or is it highest bidder wins?:smile:

  2. first come first serve, no energy to manage bidding…

    it’ll be a bunch of kits sold together, not separately. don’t want to deal with too much shipping hassles.

  3. Sorry for the double post, but does this mean you’re giving up the hobby for good? 🙁

  4. Well when you said that you are going to be “selling several lots of unbuilt [kits]”, I thought you meant you were getting rid of your collection and washing your hands of the hobby.

    But judging from your reply, I’m happy to say I was off.

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