Mr. Color #183 Super Clear Gray Tone

Mr. Color #183 Super Clear Gray Tone

Date Price From Manufacturer
10/29 120yen R10 GSI-Creos (formerly Gunze)

The normal super clear is used for top coating, and I frequently use their super clear flat to achieve flat surfaces. But I was really curious about this super clear gray tone they’ve come up with. It’s flat, and from my limited experience it seems to be very slightly tinted with some black particles similar to their smoke, only weaker. It’ll probably look good on a stark white Gundam, but otherwise I should read the HJ issue that introduced this product to see what it’s recommended for.


  1. Hi Cody!
    Beautiful work!!
    Where do you get your Mr Super Clear products? I’m in Seattle and am having a rotten time finding Mr Super Clear Flat, which I prefer over other topcoats…
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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