Mr. Masking Sol Neo

Mr. Masking Sol Neo

Date Price From Manufacturer
10/20 200yen R10 GSI-Creos (formerly Gunze)

Mr. Masking Sol was a pretty horrible masking liquid, and no one knows why it takes them this many years to figure it out. Now they come out with the “Neo” version, which smells, act and look like Modeler’s Mask Sol (green stuff) that everyone uses, except it’s slightly cheaper. Like the green stuff, it has less tack and removes nicely.


  1. Re: Mr. Masking Sol neo.I always used the original Mr Masking Sol to mask my canopies and it was the only product I used for this purpose as it was strong, easy to cut and would adhere well. This new product is too fragile to cut properly along a canopy frame and does not adhere well to a smooth surface. I have heard other unfavourable comments about this product and I hope the old Mr Masking Sol comes back!

  2. how do you use this product the instruction are in japanese, needinstructions in english i have never used this product

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