On calling a spade a spade

Well another FB group I left (The Panzer Page, TPP for short). The group may be a bit more advanced than the “Mediocre modeler” group but with FB you still get a mix of random people there. The latest thread that caused my self-ejection is this discussion where a person posted some PE handles for German WW2 vehicles claiming that it looks as good as a full PE clasp. Really? It is true that at some angles and some zoom levels the PE handle enhances details a lot, and I am currently doing it myself on my Panther D build. But to make the claim that it looks as good is dumb and don’t really understand contemporary modeling. Once you zoom into the appropriate level the gig is up and you can immediately see the flaws. Then someone has the gall to call this an “opinion”, which it certainly isn’t. 

I could do a side by side and show what I’m talking about in retrospect, but I think this is a “last straw” situation where I realize I should not have wasted so much time on FB in the first place, and my body is reacting to my decadence by choosing self-ejection as an immediate reaction. This can only be good for saving my time and my health (eyes).

This is why despite the fact that the group Scale Model Critique Group is full of opinionated members and really not people I want to hang out with, I stayed on. I have been gaining some valuable insights and new skills from it as the modelers there aim for higher level of finishes and understand what it means to achieve mastery of modeling. One of the admins Will Pattison whose Youtube channel is where I first learned about SMCG, is big on calling a spade a spade and I subscribe to that philosophy. This is exactly the tool clasp situation in this post where you can make choices to get the build you want, no problems with that but let’s not pretend that there are no tradeoffs. There are reasons for people to go to length to achieve perfection, and to suggest those efforts are not worth it (rather than not worth it for yourself) is disrespectful. Now maybe I’m getting hung up on semantics and probably shouldn’t bother to educate those people on TPP, but perhaps unconsciously I was looking for a reason to quit the group. 

Anyway I’m actually a bit elated that I’m free of another high volume group. Soon I will be able to kick my FB habit and be functional again. We’ll see. Just writing this down so that I can track my FB rehab and making sure I won’t rejoin the TPP. 


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