Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Sandrock Custom EW 1/100 Inbox review

This is the last of the “upgraded” EW Gundam Wing mech to be released. In retrospect, only Deathscythe Hell and Wing 0 were regular releases (with Wing 0 way ancient), the other 3 were all P-Bandai. I got this via ZenMarket as I mentioned in my previous post, timely at that.

The Sandrock Custom is the most tricky of the Katoki design because of the cape. All the fabric-based rendering were ridiculous and I have trouble accepting any of them. Finally they’ve figured out to do this via plastic, which while still have its own shortcomings, is much, much more convincing! You’re greeted by that immediately after opening the box.

The instruction does have the color version of the boxart. The choice of purple for the box is a little “bold”.

This page shows the construction of the cape, gives you some idea of how it works.

Super Nova also released their rendition of the Sandrock. I mean, I was liking their Nataku/Altron somewhat until I got the upgrade that makes the MG totally aweomse (Supernova’s “arms” were somewhat retarded balljointed mess), but I think this Bandai rendition beats the crap out of the pointy Super Nova’s especially with their idiotic fabric cloak. Of course no one likes their P-Bandai treatment of these iconic mechs, but with joints like ZenMarket this is more or less a solved problem, you just need to know where to look.

Other than that there’s nothing fancy here. They give you an additional “XA” sprue that is white to get white hands, so don’t get confused. I cannot believe I’ve built 9 kits based on this Wing frame!!! How is that possible. And I’ve shot no photos of any of them, what a shame. I’ll fix that after I’ve finished everybody. And the Glory of Losers manga is finishing too, with Heavyarms custom and Sandrock custom taking their anime forms, that’s a bit sad.


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