Proxxon pen sander PS13

I know I don’t do enough tools and techniques on my site, but I cannot say enough good things about this guy. I have used it for a few months now and I regretted not investing in something like this for the past 15 years that I’ve been building!! What a mistake!

This guy is a pretty powerful sander and is great for modeling applications in terms of size and versatility. There are other battery powered options out there but I like the different options it has and it can do some serious grinding down of plastic! In particular I don’t care about the sanders with a long stick – they are good for flat surfaces but you can’t get to more detailed areas.

The tool requires you to buy their transformer. Adding the tool comes to about $70. But it’s the best $70 I’ve spent. A few tips for using:

  1. Ditch the sandpaper that came with the kit, they are useless. Get yourself some dry sandpaper, cut into shape and use double-sided tape to attach. The tape will keep it on forever if you don’t try to wet sand. Because of dry sanding, you’ll want to wear a mask because the sanding produces A LOT of fine dust particles!
  2. Don’t worry about cutting the sandpaper to match the exact shape of the attachment. I find that leaving a bit out will give you more versatility on sanding.
  3. I typically use 220 grit papers for heavy duty removal. You’ll want to follow up with 400 afterwards because the sanding produces some pretty deep scratches; the scratches are deeper than if you do circular motion hand sanding.
  4. If your attached sandpaper is getting dull, you can re-tape it orthogonally and you can keep using it for a bit longer.

I hope it’ll improve your modeling life as much as mine!

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